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Whether metal or goth, whether romantic or horror enthusiast - who can resist the charm of a reanimated skeleton?
And if it's the charm, then certainly not the ice-cold hug.

"By My will, arise!"

The motif is printed on 200g/sqm paper.

You have the choice between a postcard format (A6) and a small (A5) and medium print (A4) and a 40 x 30cm mini poster that is sent rolled.


Metal, Goth or Gamer - we all love ourselves a good old Skeleton.

Who could resist the charming embrace of an undead abomination? Or the unrelenting, cold and cruel inevitability of it.

”By my will: RISE!”

Printed on 200g per square meter paper

Available in A6 to A4 as well as 40x30 cm mini poster. (Mini-poster is send Rolled up)

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